GnomeAcres Events Calendar

April 12
As of this date, paper invoices will no longer be included in each order. Not including them allows me to cut some supply costs, and lowers the overall weight of shipments so I can keep the shipping costs as low as I can. Not to mention, it is much better on the environment and reduces the overall carbon footprint of GA.
How to see your invoice: All orders automatically generate an invoice that is emailed out upon order completion, that will never change. If you have an account set up with the GnomeAcres shop, your past orders can always be referenced within your admin. If you do not have an account, and are unable to locate your invoice, you can always send a message through the shop requesting one be emailed to you.

April 18
All pre-orders & custom orders placed April 12-15 shipped.

April 26 (9am CST) to April 29 (8pm CST)
Gnomemade to Order is open.

April 27 @ 9am CST
Shop Update.


Additional 2018 Shop Updates are TBD...


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