Doppelgänger Yarn Sets

Doppelgänger Set ExamplesDoppelgänger Yarn Sets are great for when you need a solid color to accompany a variegated, or gradient, skein of our yarn. Occasionally, we offer specialty sets of just solid colors, or limited edition colorways.

What can you make with them? Many of our customers use them for socks (toes, heels & cuffs), shawls, scarves, blankets, baby/kids sweaters, toys, and more. They are great for adding stripes, or edging, on larger projects. Which pattern you use is completely up to you. 

Sets are currently available in Sock, DK and Worsted weight. Each listing below will provide the possible weight options for that particular set.

Currently, these sets are not available for Gnomemade to Order, so if you see a set you like, grab it while you can!