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Skeinny & Blankie DunkersSKEINNY DUNKERS & BLANKIE DUNKERS are one-of-a-kind (OOAK) hand dyed skeins/sock blanks of yarn. They are non-repeatable colorways that are made using a random assortment of dyes that we have leftover after creating our signature colorways. Because of the way in which these items are created, each item is extremely unique and cannot be duplicated.

The Skeinny Dunkers come in a variety of weights and yarn bases. Check out our Product Info page for the full yarn base line-up.

While the Blankie Dunkers are only available in sock weight at this time, there are single knit blanks (House Gnome and Sparkle Gnome yarn bases) and double knit blanks (House Gnome yarn base). The single knit blanks can be knit from only one end of the fabric, while the double knit blanks can be knit from both ends, making two-at-a-time knitting possible.

You get to choose the base you want, for either of these items, within the listings below. When filling your order, we will engage in a highly scientific game called, Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo, to determine which one will be sent to live with you.