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Notifications of upcoming shop updates are distributed through our newsletterpodcast and on our Events page. All shop updates will occur at CST/CDT (Central Standard Time/Central Daylight Time). To figure out time zone differences, go here

Information about which items will be restocked, or newly introduced colorways/products, are discussed in our podcast and newsletter. GnomeAcres does reserve the right to add products, deactivate products, and otherwise move stock around as they see fit at any given time.

2. How do I CONTACT GnomeAcres?
Please use our contact form located here. (We do not offer phone support.) Questions are answered within 1-2 business days. Please allow more time for a response during evenings, weekends and holidays, as GnomeAcres is a one-woman operation with a full time family that likes to play outside away from the tubes of the Internet. (Please Note: GnomeAcres does not answer direct messages sent via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Please submit all inquiries using the contact form.)

See our Shop Policies page.

4. Where can I find info about PAYMENT, COUPON CODES, RETURNS/EXCHANGES?
See our Shop Policies page.

5. What are the benefits of SETTING UP AN ACCOUNT in the GnomeAcres shop?
Setting up an account within the shop allows you to track all of your previous purchase history, shipment tracking info, checkout faster and create wishlists that you can send to your friends and family. Please note that you must be signed in before making a purchase in order for it to be visible within your order history.

We can also neither confirm, nor deny, reports of gnomes giving out random store credits to repeat customers that have accounts.

6. Do you accept CUSTOM ORDERS?
See our Gnomemade to Order page for full details.

7. Where can I find KNIT/CROCHET SAMPLES of your yarn?
Knit samples of each colorway can be viewed within our Colorway Catalog, and within the photos for each individual product listing. If you would like to see different yarn/pattern combos, or share what you have made, check out the GnomeAcres group on Ravelry. Please note that it does take time to make these samples, which means that not all newer colorways will have one immediately available.

8. Do you offer WHOLESALE or bulk discounts?
GnomeAcres does not offer wholesale accounts, or bulk discounts, at this time.

9. Will GnomeAcres share my information?
Never. We take this subject very seriously. Any personal information that you submit when signing up for the newsletter, creating an account on the website, or when checking out as a "guest", is only used to contact you regarding your order(s).

10. If I put items in my cart, does that reserve them?
Your items will stay in your cart as long as stock is available. No item can be reserved indefinitely by placing it in your cart.

11. Can I visit GnomeAcres HQ? Can I pick up my order?
No. GnomeAcres is a home-based business that does not accept visitors because we do not want to reveal the exact location of our secret lair. 

12. Are your products exposed to pets or other weird smelly things?
Pets are not allowed to interact with finished products, but they do share the same air within the finished product time space continuum. We do keep lightly scented lavender sachets in all of our plastic product bins to keep varmints away.

13. Do you offer ball winding or re-skeining?
Neither of these services are offered by GnomeAcres at this time.

13. Do you offer in-stock product reservations?
No. Everything in the shop is offered on a first come, first served basis.

15. How do I find the beginning/end of the yarn?
Each skein of yarn will have a knot that has four strands of yarn going into it. Two of these strands mark the beginning/end of the yarn. The other two will form a "figure 8" around the skein to keep it from tangling. When you have found the middle of the skein, wrap it around the back of a chair or skein winder BEFORE you begin to create a yarn ball. Pull the knot with the 4 strands away from the skein. Either unknot it to get started, or cut the four strands of yarn as close to the knot as possible making sure not to clip the rest of the skein. The strand that forms the "figure 8" will come off the skein. The number of "figure 8" strands on any given skein will vary.

16. Where do you get your yarn, dyes, shipping supplies, labels, branded products, etc.?
GnomeAcres does not share specific vendor information, as we consider this information to be proprietary. We have worked very hard over the last several years to ensure we obtain the best vendors, which allows us to put forth the best product we can. What might work for us, may not work for someone else.